The purpose of this site is to to make Viking bicycle information readily available to the many enthusiasts who want to know more about the marque, and to help identify models and variations of Viking bicycles.  We include, or will soon add, information on the various Viking models and photographs to assist in the identification of bicycle frames that have lost their original markings.  We shall continue to add any information that comes our way that will be of interest and assistance to Viking owners or anyone interested in the marque.  You can navigate your way around the site using the menu at the top of the page.

The History Of Viking Cycles

There is already an excellent history of Viking Cycle Company on the website of the Wolverhampton Museum Of Industry.  We have recently added a History page to which you can navigate using the Menu above,  This is strictly Work in Progress with the aim of compiling a more detailed history of the various incarnations of Viking – from the beginnings (in 1908 – to be confirmed) through incorporation in the 1930s to the demise of the original company in 1967, followed by various reincarnations.  The Viking name is currently owned by a company called Avocet which markets a range of bikes that we plan to evaluate, and perhaps review on this website.

The Veteran-Cycle Club

The site is an extension of the work of the Viking “Marque Enthusiast” of the Veteran-Cycle Club (V-CC).  To quote from their website, the V-CC was formed “to promote the riding and conservation of old cycles in addition to the study and exchange of information about the history of cycles and cycling”.  The name and description is apt, but could be slightly misleading in that there is a large following within the club of lightweight cycles from the 1940s onwards, when Viking was in its heyday.  The club covers all eras of cycles and cycling history and its publications, included in membership, provide a wealth of interesting information.  In addition, the club contains many “Marque Enthusiasts” such as myself who aim to collect, and make available to members, information on the history and products of particular marques, periods or countries.  I strongly recommend that you join the V-CC, if you are not already a member.


I regret that we have closed the opportunity to comment on the pages of this site because it was getting a bit too much, with a lot of spam.  However, we have added a contact page and look forward to hearing from people who can contribute material to the site.  Do not contact us if all you want is free information – join the V-CC instead.  V-CC Members have access to our contact details in the V-CC Yearbook and are welcome to contact us any time concerning Viking Cycles.  Our preferred method of communication is email, but we will handle telephone and postal contact as required.


I do not know the source of some of the material on this site, so please contact me if you believe that a source should be credited.  Likewise if there is an inadvertent breach of copyright law, please bring it to my attention so that I can rectify it.