Keith Lambert’s Team Frame

by Guthrum on August 6, 2013

Keith Lambert FrameI recently purchased this frame from eBay, from Keith Lambert’s shop, with the description: “1979 Original Team Viking 531 SL frame and fork. Ridden by Keith Lambert. Winner of several Pro Series rides 1979 and ridden in the World Championships in Valkenburg that year. New paint finish to original specification.”

My investigation is ongoing and I shall publish the results when I have it all together.  It is certainly a very nicely built frame with Campagnolo dropouts and a high standard of finish.  It was sold without the components shown in the picture.

Unfortunately, this frame is not my size, so the plan is to build it up like it was to get some good photographs and then sell it to a lucky new owner as a complete bike or frame and forks only.

This frame is from the third incarnation of Viking when the main production facility was in Northern Ireland, enticed by the money that was available as an incentive to set up businesses and increase employment in the province.  One of the biggest white elephants funded in this way was the DeLorean Motor Company.

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