Early Viking Severn Valley – Part 2

by Guthrum on September 8, 2011

My last post on this frame ended with the removal of the Head Badge.

Eager to find out more, I decided to try to remove more of the paint laid on over the years.  The person who passed it on to me had already done a bit, but it did not reveal a whole lot.  1951 SV Side ViewIt turns out the frame had been repainted twice  – once in close to the original burgundy colour, but apparently without any new transfers being applied, and then finally with this awful white paint job.

I took the layers of paint off the areas I was most interested in using a water-soluble paint stripper, making sure to wash it off when it had softened the layer I wanted to remove and before it had softened the layer I wanted to inspect.  Understandably the top white hand-applied layer came off quite easily. The next layer required a bit more care because it was close in colour to the original paint, making it harder to be sure that I was removing enough and not too much.

Fortunately the original paint had not been removed prior to refinishing the first time.  Unfortunately it had been rubbed down leaving only faint traces of the transfers.  And what I found on the downtube surprised me because I had only ever seen “Viking” in script 1951 SV Viking Name on DTbefore, but here was something completely different – so much so that I thought it wasn’t original – until someone sent me a photo of transfers on an early Tour of Britain with very similar lettering.  It was a bit indistinct, so I have very roughly inked over the image here.  So we certainly had confirmatiuon that the frame is a Viking and undoubtedly a Severn Valley because of its light weight and the absence of chrome.

More to follow…………………..


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