Vintage Bike Cave

by Guthrum on February 4, 2012

I just recently discovered Vintage Bike Cave, not sure how – I can’t remember what I was searching for in Google.  They are located in North London – a bit far from where I live these days, but they have a good website and will ship anywhere.  Also, as I found out, they are enthusiastic and very good people to deal with.

If you check their website, you will see that they have quite a variety of interesting frames (with the odd Viking) and components.  Well worth checking out.

Anyway, I was really glad I did find them because they had a Viking frame that I thought interesting, so I bought it and, within a few days, received it.  The pictures on their website were quite detailed, so I was fairly sure that I was getting an early 1950s Viking with, to my surprise, Nervex Professional lugs.  The photos showed that the head badge was missing but inspection of the frame on receipt confirmed my opinion that it was indeed from the early 1950s and had been fitted with the early type chrome-plated brass badge, which I think dates it as no later than 1952.  It was a surprise because I was not aware of Viking using Nervex Professional lugs prior to the introduction of the Tour of Britain model in late 1951 as a 1952 model, and this frame has none of the features associated with a ToB frame.  So either it is a very early ToB, or a Severn Valley or Master SS which happens to have Nervex Pro lugs, or something else altogether.  I will write more about it and post some photos as soon as I have them.

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