Frame Number Register

Frame Numbers were stamped on the Left Rear Dropout until about 1960/61 when Viking changed to 6-digit numbers stamped on the underside of the Bottom Bracket shell. The frame number was typically stamped on the fork steerer tube as well.

Until about 1954, the numbering system appears quite haphazard.  It then changed to what looks like a reasonably consistent alpha-numeric system in which the number starts with the “Series” letter:- V = Severn Valley; M = Mileater; S = Ian Steel and others to be confirmed.  The series designation letter is noted by the model name in some of Viking’s brochures (see Catalogue section).  All Tour of Britain frames of which I am aware have pure numeric numbers.

Here are the frame numbers that I know about, but I really would like more.  It is currently very difficult to discern a real pattern that will enable the prediction of model and year from a frame number. The situation is complicated by the fact that a lot of the date estimates are really way out and are unlikely to get sorted without photographs of the frames as a guide, and there is the risk that some owners do not want a different date ascribed to their frames. Please provide me with any additional information you can and, where possible, photographs that I can put in the gallery.

Viking Register March 2012