Circa 1951 Viking Severn Valley – SN 189

This frame is an early Severn Valley with Nervex Professional lugs.  This variant never seems to have made it into a catalogue and so it was originally assumed to be an early Tour of Britain frame without some of the fancy bits – reinforced brake bridge and pump pegs that are a feature of Tour of Britain frames.

A study of available photographs shows that Ian Steel likely rode a frame of this specification in the 1951 Tour of Britain.


Viking Frame #189


#189 Head Tube   #189 Bottom Bracket   #189 Seat Cluster 1

#189 Rear Brake Bridge   #189 Front Dropouts   #189 Fork Crown

#189 Lower Head Lug   #189 Nervex Professional Upper Head Lug   #189 Left Rear Dropout

#189 Steerer Tube