1953 Viking Tour of Britain Model – SN 484

This frame is believed to be from 1953.  The distinguishing features of the Tour of Britain frame are the Nervex Professional lugs and the reinforced rear brake bridge and reinforced pump pegs.  This particular example has the top pull cable arrangement for the front derailleur that was a feature of Ian Steel’s 1951 Tour of Britain winning bike.  The cable from a handlebar control is routed to a cable stop at the front of the top tube, from which the inner travels rearward to a Sturmey-Archer type pulley at the top of the seat tube and then down to the front derailleur.  I have not seen it listed as an option on the ToB model but it is also on frame SN 328.  1975 Viking Severn Valley SN 672 has a top tube cable stop for this arrangement but no pulley.  This frame is in its original finish.

484 Seat Tube484 Bottom Bracket484 Seat Cluster

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