1955 Viking Severn Valley Transfers

These transfers were photographed on a 1955 Viking Severn Valley in its original, but somewhat deteriorated, finish:

Head Badge:

1955 Viking Severn Valley Headbadge

Down Tube:

1955 Severn Valley Down Tube Transfer

At this stage the transfer appears to be a darker grey on a pale grey frame.  It is not known whether the transfer has faded or changed colour over the years.

Seat Tube:

1955 Severn Valley Seat Tube Transfers1955 Svern Valley ToB Transfer1955 Viking Severn Valley Seat Tube BandsThe “Olympic Rings” appear to have the red and green transposed – the official order, from left to right, is blue, yellow, black, green, red.  The stripes are the same colours as the Olympic Rings and the order appears to be related to the order of the rings as shown – top row left to right followed by bottom row left to right, then turned upside down.  The UCI World Champion stripes are the same colour as these stripes, but the order, top to bottom, is blue, red, black, yellow, green.

Reynolds 531:

1955 Severn Valley Reynolds 531 Transfer